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Nice that you found the way to my Homepage of the family GLIEGE - GLUEGE.

The GLIEGE Family is doing family tree research worldwide since the year 2000. We are looking for our relatives in order to create a family history, or chronicle.

MartinaThat is to say, Glieges from Europe, Canada, the United States and Africa have family reunions that take place in changing places, changing continents like Germany, Poland, Canada and the USA every two years. We have found many friends over the years and the list has grown to 2000 names of the family GLIEGE. Some descendants  we couldn't integrate in our familytree at this time, here I'm working.

On this Website I like to introduce the results of my familyresearch and the information located on this website should help all GLIEGES around the world who are interested in the roots of our family or other genealogists to get more dates exempt from charges by their own researches.

If you enjoy learning more about our family or if you want to add stories and additional family information, please feel free to contact me and look at the button REUNION.

You want to know if you are related to us? Look in the FAMILYTREE or please contact me : CONTACT



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